Father’s Day Gift Guide (Procrastinator’s Edition)

Father's Day1

Yes, I realize this is the second year in a row I am doing a last minute Father’s Day gift guide, my apologies. I blame my dad for smiling indulgently at me literally behind my mom’s back as she tut-tuts the latest evidence of my procrastinating ways; my amazing multi-tasking […] Read more »

Charmed, I’m sure


I’m such a sucker for charm bracelets. I love dangling little things, especially when they have interesting back stories, or symbolize something deeply personal. And that’s the beauty of cult favorite Rhode Island-based brand Alex and Ani, which offers a line of beaded bracelets, spike cuffs, and charm bangles (each […] Read more »

Shop for a cause

aid couture

I know it can seem callous, shopping at a time like this. It’s surreal, to see everything tinsel-shiny and bright, when the situation is so heartbreakingly bleak for our fellow countrymen in the Visayas. But if you happen to be out doing errands or picking out gifts for loved ones, […] Read more »

Dream, Shop, and Get Crafty at the Real Living Space


Don’t you just love browsing through home and architecture magazines? There’s just something about looking at other people’s lovely spaces that brings us to our own happy place in our heads (one day, one day…). One of our go-to magazines for design ideas and great local finds is Real Living, […] Read more »

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Father’s Day Gifts

Papa and one-year-old Pierra

This much I know is true. Dads love stuff. Well, my dad anyway, as well as my father-in-law (in fact, when my father-in-law turned 80, we produced an actual book on his life entitled “Junkman”—but that’s another story). Both packrats, their precious mess drives their respective wives nuts—but it does […] Read more »

Owl Fever


There is bird flu going around in the Philippines. I’m talking about our recent obsession with owls, of course! A few years ago, it was all about oversized owl pendants, and just as I thought interest was waning, the fixation on these nocturnal creatures seems to have returned with a […] Read more »



If you’ve won a contest on miss-match, you’ve probably noticed that we use washi tape* any chance we get–to wrap your prizes, seal a letter, or even embellish a plain envelope. What can I say? We love washi! *Japanese decorative masking tape usually made with rice paper. We love how […] Read more »