Flow Easy


Two years ago, I took a special yoga class called the Tao of Woman. I had gotten a flyer at one of the yoga lectures on yoga and wellness I attended at Global Mala and was intrigued. The class would delve deeper into how we could integrate both yin and yang yoga with […] Read more »

The Global Mala Project: All Things Yoga


Last September 21, the Global Mala Project hit Manila with a full day of classes, discussions, yummy food and fun. Organized by yogini, model and host Teresa Herrera, the annual event aims to bring together the yoga community to celebrate all the good things that yoga can bring. It was […] Read more »

The Wellness Workshop

wellness workshop poster

I’m constantly trying to lead a more holistic and balanced lifestyle, but i keep getting sabotaged by my craving for sweets, preference for sleep over exercise, and worrying constantly. I believe physical ailments first start in the head, so I’ve been trying to condition myself to eat healthy (Pia’s GM […] Read more »

Surviving the GM Diet 7-Day Challenge

fresh veggies

I came across the GM diet online, quite by accident. I don’t remember what I was originally researching at the time, but I do recall thinking how fortuitous it was to have stumbled upon the diet at the very moment I was contemplating on how sluggish and unhealthy I had […] Read more »