Gallery by Chele


Despite rather challenging weather conditions, The Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Degustateurs of the Chaine des Rotisseurs held its July event at the newly opened Gallery by Chele. Formerly Vask, the Gallery has combined the outlets of Vask into a larger and more conventional restaurant space occupying the former Champagne lounge […] Read more »

An Oregon Thanksgiving at Grind Bistro

Main-Turkeu Breast stuffed with Chestnuts and House-made Turkey Sausage, Roasted Portobello Mushrooms, Cranberry Caviar, Sweet Potato Purée

The Ordre Mondial’s last event for this year was a dinner at Grind Bistro at the Netpark Building in BGC. The owner/chef, Steven Carl is from Oregon and so conceived an Oregon themed Thanksgiving dinner. Aside from the food, the wine would also come from Oregon with Steven’s wife Cristina, […] Read more »

Rhone Classics at Flame

Crab and Apple Salad, apple cider gelee, celery confit, pomegranate reduction, paired with Chapoutier Croses-Hermitage Blanc Petite Ruches 2013.

Continuing with its Wine Classics series, the Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Degustateurs (OMGD) presented a Rhone Classics dinner at Flame, Discovery Primea, last August 2. Wines from across the various Rhone appellations were paired with the food of Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco who did an excellent job of allowing the […] Read more »

A Basque Dinner at the Tasting Room

Duck Liver Terrine - Cinnamon - Port Wine Sauce - Apple - Strawberries - Pear - Honey - Spicy Red Wine Jelly

For the final dinner of the year, the Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Degustateurs (OMGD) had a modern Basque dinner at the Tasting Room in City of Dreams. Although a Rhone dinner was originally scheduled, a modern Basque dinner was decided upon after learning that Chef William Mahi who runs the […] Read more »

The Goose Station

Filipiniana Eggs Benedict - Smoked sweet potato, Achara, Davao goat cheese, Pork belly

A feature of many high-end restaurants in Manila these days is the degustation menu, which is the best showcase for the abilities of the chef. Often, these menus don’t just offer riffs on what is available on the a la carte menu, but is designed to show off special ingredients, […] Read more »

Mecha Uma with the Chaine des Rotisseurs

Scallop, Zuke Marinated, Pico de Gallo, Avocado

For the first time since the Chaine des Rotisseurs Manila has had its annual Kaiseki dinner, we decided to have it cooked by a non-Japanese chef. Regular readers will surely note that I’m a big fan of Chef Bruce’s style of cooking and so it was a no-brainer for me […] Read more »

Chaine des Rotisseurs Austro-Hungarian Dinner

Crayfish Gelée on Bean Salad with Venezianischer Oyster

For this year’s Induction dinner, the Chaine des Rotisseurs will be having an Austro-Hungarian theme to be executed by Diamond Hotel’s Executive Chef and Chaine member Marko Rankel. Although he is German and not Austrian, he did extensive research on the favorite dishes of Emperor of Austria and Apostolic King […] Read more »

Chaine des Rotisseurs Diner Amical 2014

Duo of guinea fowl - pan fried supeme and red wine braised leg

After last year’s much-applauded Diner Amical at the Shangri-La, the Chaine des Rotisseurs’ Bailli Delegue for the Philippines, Michel Lhuillier, requested that the Manila Bailliage headed by Freddy Borromeo hold this year’s Diner Amical also at the Shangri-La. With Chef Paul Lenz still heading the culinary team like last year, […] Read more »

Chaine des Rotisseurs California Wine Classics Dinner at Prince Albert

Gen. Carlos P. Romulo with members of the Chaine des Rotisseurs Manila in the 1970s.

The latest in the Chaine des Rotisseurs Wine Classics dinners organized by the Chaine’s specialist wine group called the Ordre Mondial des Gournmets Degustateurs (OMGD) was the California Wine Classics dinner held at the Intercon’s Prince Albert Rotisserie last October 22. As it was an intimate dinner of only 15, […] Read more »