Tali Handmade: Weaving a Brighter Future

There’s a new line of bags making my heart beat faster, and its name is Tali Handmade. It’s chic, it’s unique, it’s local, and it has an inspiring story behind it—hello, love!

Tali bags

Created with the vision of empowering women and improving lives while brightening our wardrobe, Tali Handmade is a lovely new local line of woven bags made from unconventional raw materials and premium hardware (product shots courtesy of Jinggo Montenejo)

Liza Morales-Crespo and Marielle de Leon-Lazaro, the lovely working moms behind Tali Handmade, tell us that they were so moved by a visit to female inmates of a city jail that they were inspired to brainstorm for a project that would improve the quality of life of the women. Liza and Marielle began teaching the women simple design patterns; then, as the project grew bigger, they eventually employed them to bring their original bag designs to life. With serious cred in retail, manufacturing and sustainable design, Liza and Mariel poured their professional know-how into their passion project to turn it into a true social enterprise.

Tali Handmade tote

“These women come from impoverished rural communities, some living with disabilities with little opportunity to work, but by honing their skills and earning wages through Tali’s sustainable enterprise, they are able to send their children to school, put food on the table, and get a second chance at a decent life,” says the dynamic pair. Marielle assures us, “100% percent of the labor cost goes to the women, and it’s the women’s cooperative that sets the price, not us.”



Named after the Filipino word which means “to tie,” Tali Handmade features bags made of beautifully handwoven raw materials, finished with premium leather and hardware. With exquisite colors and sumptuous details, Tali Handmade’s debut collection is designed for the modern woman who likes to blend everyday elegance with  a playfully chic twist.


Tali Handmade

The Tali Handmade set up at their trunk show in Tala

liza and Marielle

Local color: Tali Handmade’s Marielle de Leon-Lazaro and Liza Morales-Crespo at their trunk show at Tala last June


Tali Handmade

At the launch, Liza let me try on her own Gina fringe sling–it was love at first touch. Can you tell I didn’t want to take it off?


Made with an international clientele in mind and available in select boutiques abroad, the line is admittedly somewhat pricey—but it definitely makes a more meaningful (and proudly local!) purchase than yet another trendy designer bag.

Tali Handmade is now available at Tint in Greenbelt 3, or online at www.talihandmade.com.