New Year Resolutions

For many, a new year means a fresh start, a chance to wipe the slate clean and start anew.  I’ve come up with quite a few resolutions over the years, some of which I’ve stuck to, most of them abandoned a few weeks in.  If you have yet to come up with yours this year, then let me offer my daughter Sari’s list, with the wish that her beautiful words manage to touch your soul as deeply as they have mine.

“New Year Resolutions”

by Sari Labrador

1. Forgive yourself.

You’ve written pain on your skin

and run your fingers over it

one too many times.

Wash it off and watch it drain down the sink.

Paint love over the parts of yourself

that remind you of who you are.

Make them bright and covered in glitter

so you have a star to follow the next time you lose your way.

2. Rest well.

Realise that sleeping at night

does not equal to slacking or failing.

It only means you work harder by day

and you may go to bed knowing

you have done enough.

3. Love without doubt.

If you think twice, or step backward,

they are not worth the effort.

Pour your soul into someone

who is shaped to contain it.

But keep your dignity in your own heart

not out of distrust in your lover,

but out of love for yourself.

And if they leave you in the end,

learn to love over and over again.

4. Feed your creativity.

Don’t ever feel guilty

for doing what you love.

Your mind is more than a surplus

of memorised information;

You have always been an artist.

You are made for creation.

5. Try again.

Fill in the cracks in your foundation

and start over from scratch.

Use all the material you have

to make yourself feel like home again.

When the earthquake hits,

you will be ready.

Trust in yourself

and rebuild.

Sari, almost sixteen, and Magnus, almost twelve.

Sari, almost sixteen, and Magnus, almost twelve.