Electric Studio: Taking Spinning To The Next Level

electric studio

photo c/o Electric Studio

The first time a took a spinning class was around 6 years ago, when I started developing issues with my knees and needed a break from running. I considered taking up cycling outdoors, but ran into a few problems:  a) I was too chicken to bike on the city streets alongside hot-headed Manila drivers; b) trail biking was an even scarier thought (cue image of me tripping on some tree roots and tumbling face-down into the mud); and c) I didn’t have a bike.  A cyclist friend of mine suggested indoor cycling, or spinning, which he promised would offer the same workout benefits as the outdoor version.  He was right, of course;  the workouts were pretty intense, and it even helped with my knee rehab. The problem was that there was only one gym that offered spinning classes in my area at the time, and they insisted on playing club music (tugstugstugs), complete with flashing laser lights.  It was like a bike-themed rave party.  Really not my cup of tea.  Needless to say, I didn’t renew my membership the following month.

Last Saturday, I was able to get back on the saddle once again, and this time around was so much better!  It was Chinggay who first clued me in to Electric Studio, the first indoor cycling boutique in the country.  Located in Burgos Circle in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), it isn’t exactly in my neighborhood, but on an early weekend morning the drive would only take 20 minutes, so I decided to give it a go. Soooo glad that I did.


electric studio staff

Friendly, upbeat energy all around! Photo c/o Electric Studio

One common concern I hear from people who haven’t tried indoor cycling is the fear that the workout will be too intense for them to keep up.  Not true, especially here at Electric Studio.  Yes, everyone is encouraged to move as a group based on the cues given by the instructor (when to stand, sprint, add resistance, etc.) but there are several modifications to choose from so the workout can be dialled up or down depending on your personal level of fitness. Since I hadn’t worked out in over a month prior to this class, I initially decided to take a steady pace.  As the class progressed, though, the infectious energy of the instructor as well as that of my fellow riders eventually pushed me off my seat and had me sprinting with the rest of them.  Oh, and did I mention their fantastic taste in music?  None of that headache-inducing tugstugstugs;  in fact, by the time we got around to “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (Tears For Fears!), I was singing along at the top of my lungs with my eyes closed as I envisioned myself cresting that steep uphill climb.

Electric Studio promises a full-body workout, and they achieve this by incorporating other elements into the basic cycling routine.  There are choreographed movements that further engage the core, as well as upper body exercises with light weights to wake up the chest, arm and back areas.  All this in a dim, candlelit environment, allowing you to find your own zen and make the experience unique to yourself.

Electric Studio provides everything you need to ensure a fantastic workout:  from the Shimano clip cycling shoes, face towel (you WILL sweat buckets), to other such amenities as keypad lockers, filtered water stations, and fully-stocked showers (shampoo/conditioner, soap and bath towel in each stall! They use Human Nature products, which just happens to be one of my fave local brands).  All you really need to bring are your workout clothes (I suggest those padded cycling pants to prevent saddle soreness, although it isn’t entirely necessary) and your positive attitude!


Ready to ride!


37 bikes to choose from. Photo c/o Electric Studio

Of course, quality rarely comes cheap.  The single class rate is pretty steep at P1000; but the per-class rate goes down if you avail of their multiple class packages.  First-timers are treated to a great deal:  P1000 for 5 classes (valid for 30 days)!  A no-brainer, if you ask me.

Now to go shopping for more workout clothes :P


Electric Studio is at 2/F Forbes Town Road, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Give them a call at 833-6051/ 833-6056/ 0915-2124929.