About Us

Our story begins with miss-match.com.ph, the virtual styling and shopping site the Labrador family (that’s us!) dreamed up and launched in 2011. This year, we Lab Rats decided to expand our horizons beyond fashion, and launch a blog to share our other joys in life (Food! Wine! Travel! Wellness! Bargain finds!).

This is our happy place. We hope it will become yours, too.

Meet the Lab Rats!


Albert of The Happy LabALBERT
Albert is in pursuit of strange hobbies, the study of history, and the quest for adventure in weird and wonderful places. He refuses to grow up.




Chinggay of The Happy LabCHINGGAY
Chinggay is a freelance writer and yoga teacher who loves travel, chocolate, design, the Star Trek reboot. She is now getting over her fear of the outdoors by learning how to surf.




Pia from The Happy LabPIA
Pia is a full-time mom and fitness junkie, who is willing to try anything (that doesn’t involve vicious animals or jumping off a perfectly good airplane) at least once.






Pierra from The Happy Lab


Pierra is a freelance editor/writer and occasional stylist who thrives on vintage finds, Japanese doramas, photographing cats, and following her wanderlust. She also contributes to Yahoo Philippines, and writes a shopping column called Fifi’s Finds which appears in Manila Bulletin’s Lifestyle section every Friday.




Toto from The Happy LabTOTO
Toto is a professional photographer, (out-of-shape) UP Mountaineer, roadie, and Pierra’s personal chef. He can’t imagine himself blogging, but he may contribute a random photo every now and then.





Jay manages the family real estate business but his passion is in food and wine.  He is a member of the International Wine and Food Society, the Chaine des Rotisseurs and the Commanderie de Bordeaux, and is a regular contributor to Vault magazine for nearly all things involving alcohol. He is married to Jocel, and they live with their two daughters in Pasig.



Jocel with StarbucksJOCEL

Jocel is a working mom who is inexplicably addicted to working on her computer in coffee shops.  She is a big Harry Potter fan, enjoys arts and crafts, and hoards scrapbook paper and other knick knacks.  She used to make cakes and ice cream that her family sorely misses but has resolved to start baking again soon.