Couch Potato Companions

Katha Issue #01

Saturday mornings are sacred. While the hubby catches up on sleep, I quietly pad downstairs to catch up on my book debt. Sinking into the living room couch, sunlight on the paperback in hand, and with a cat or two curled up at my feet, this is my weekend happy […] Read more »

A Tribute to the Ebro River by JC de Terry

Chilindron Risotto with Wild Boletus and Shepherd's Roncal Cheese

Every year, Juan Carlos de Terry who runs the popular Terry’s Selection fine food stores and restaurants makes a journey through a selected region of Spain to study its cuisine, produce and culture. Back in Manila, he takes his experiences of his journey and translates them into dishes that reflect […] Read more »

Ciudad: Toto Labrador’s Photography Exhibit


Hello readers! You are invited to the photography exhibit of Toto Labrador, our most elusive Lab Rat and resident Grumpy Bear (also, my hubby), tonight at 6 PM at West Gallery, 48 West Avenue, Quezon City. In a nutshell, Toto deconstructs Manila in his show entitled Ciudad (more notes on […] Read more »