La Festival des Indulgences at Atelier 317

Fine de Claire Oysters

I was fortunate to be included among a small group of food writers to preview Atelier 317’s Festival des Indulgences. The festival runs from June 28 to the end of July and is done in cooperation with Jerome Philippon’s Sommelier Selection for wine and Chef Selection for oysters and cheese. […] Read more »

A Kawaii Tea Party and the FitFlop High Summer 2013 Collection


  First, a disclaimer. Yes, I’m a bit late to the FitFlop party. Though fellow Lab rat Pia has been espousing the podiatric benefits of wearing this “leg muscle-activating” footwear for a while now, I only discovered the joy of walking (all day) in FitFlops when I spied a pair […] Read more »

Brasserie Girolle

Lamb Shank

Chef Ian Padilla of La Girolle opened a new restaurant at the Fort Strip. Called Brasserie Girolle, this offers more casual fare than the intricate dishes he creates at La Girolle. The menu is composed of French classics, a fairly substantial cheese selection and an extensive wine list that spans […] Read more »

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Father’s Day Gifts

Papa and one-year-old Pierra

This much I know is true. Dads love stuff. Well, my dad anyway, as well as my father-in-law (in fact, when my father-in-law turned 80, we produced an actual book on his life entitled “Junkman”—but that’s another story). Both packrats, their precious mess drives their respective wives nuts—but it does […] Read more »

Corner Tree Café

North African Vegetable Stew

With a big dinner and lots of wine to look forward to in the evening, I thought a vegetarian lunch would be just the thing to prepare for the evening’s bacchanalia. Corner Tree Café came highly recommended by some friends so I decided to give it a try.I asked J […] Read more »

Nothing to wear? Label to the rescue!

Label MNL

You know what I’m talking about, right? No matter how stuffed our closets are, there are always those days when we wail that we have nothing to wear (while our mothers or significant others look on with no sympathy, whatsoever). Enter Label, the indie line quickly becoming the go-to brand […] Read more »