Resort Chic Accessories by Silnag

carabao horn choker

You know those oversized wooden neckpieces and bone chokers that are all the rage in resort collections? You can get them right here in the Philippines for a fraction of the price! At Manila FAME held at SMX earlier this year, we stumbled upon Silnag, a brand that proudly showcases organic […] Read more »

Yummy Discovery: Choc Nut Butter!

Choc Nut Butter by Ritual

Last Saturday, May18, I dropped by Yummy Eats for the first time. Yummy Eats is Yummy Magazine’s annual food and cooking fair where, for a token entrance fee (this year it was P200 at the NBC Tent), one can sample the culinary offerings of  handpicked up-and-coming food establishments and below-the-radar […] Read more »

Ohau Wine Dinner at Yakumi Japanese Restaurant Solaire

Tuna, Salmon and Amberjack Sashimi

Terry Selections recently organized a dinner at Solaire Resort’s Yakumi Japanese restaurant to show off their new line of New Zealand wines from Ohau Wines. Aside from the wines, I decided to go since I had never been to Solaire and wanted to see if indeed it is a game […] Read more »

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Verde Flowers & Events

Like many kids, I remember presenting my mom with a booklet of handmade coupons one Mother’s Day. Of course, the coupons were for silly things like free hugs or regular chores I was assigned to anyway, but the point was that she could redeem them at any time without me […] Read more »