The first time we went to the Sofitel’s newly renovated Spiral after it was submerged in a storm almost three years ago, I had to restrain myself from indulging too eagerly as I was there for a formal dinner and it would have been unseemly. We did get to talk […] Read more »

Grace Park

Roasted Vegetables

No, not that Grace Park. Not that one either. It’s the latest baby of Margarita Fores of Cibo fame and, despite the less than chic location the name implies, it’s located at the very chi-chi One Rockwell in Makati. Apparently the name recalls memories of fine meals at the Fores […] Read more »

Bohol Adventure (Part 2): Social Studies Revisited


When I suggested Bohol as our first family trip this summer, what I had in mind was three whole days of nothing but the sun and the sea.  And good food, of course.  And the spa.  And room service.  You get the picture.  I really couldn’t care less about seeing […] Read more »

Nomama’s Kitayama Wagyu Steak and Teppanyaki Special

Ribeye Teppanyaki with Tendon

We were back at Nomama Saturday night to try out the Kitayama Steak and Teppanyaki Special Menu. This was offered as a special on Deal Grocer a few weeks back and we were able to buy two coupons for this deal. Although the menu is good for three, we were […] Read more »

Owl Fever


There is bird flu going around in the Philippines. I’m talking about our recent obsession with owls, of course! A few years ago, it was all about oversized owl pendants, and just as I thought interest was waning, the fixation on these nocturnal creatures seems to have returned with a […] Read more »

Prost to Brotzeit!

Paulaner draft beer

About a decade ago, the Dusit Hotel in Makati hosted a fine Munich-style restaurant called Paulaner Braühaus which had its own micro-brewery on site serving fresh Paulaner beer with hearty German fare, heavy on the sausages, pork knuckles and potatoes. We spent one memorable evening there watching the 2002 FIFA […] Read more »