Relish “Hello, Happiness”

Hello, giant spoon and fork!

We’ve been having dinner at the Morato/Scout area frequently these past few weeks due to some family matters that need to be attended to in the area. Having repeatedly dined at our favorites, Uno, Nomama and Buenisimo, we figured it was time to be adventurous and try something new. We […] Read more »

Getting a Jane Austen Kick – Part 3


The last installment documenting my affinity for all things Jane Austen goes beyond “Pride and Prejudice.” While I love Lizzie, Darcy, Jane, and Bingley, I am a fan of her other works too. Here are couple of interesting finds that Austen addicts might want to look into too. Read more »

IHOP-ping On The Bandwagon

IHOP Double Blueberry Pancakes

When I think of IHOP (short for International House Of Pancakes) , I immediately think of the time when I visited my sister in Los Angeles 12 years ago. This is because for the five days that my mom and I stayed with her, we always started our day the […] Read more »

Going with the FLOW

main flow

  I’d been subscribed to FLOW (SurfYogaSamba) on Facebook for a while now, but have never actually joined any of their events. FLOW was started by three girls who wanted to share each of their interests with each other and with others—Monica Eleazar-Manzano (yoga), Noelle Hilario (surf), and Denise Gonzales […] Read more »

Conversations With A Shoe-aholic: Hazel Santos of Vicencio Lacerna

tricolor pumps

Most of the women I know are certified shoe-aholics, but perhaps none as rabid as my former publishing colleague Hazel Santos. While the rest of us would go on coffee runs to take a break, Hazel would go on shoe runs with that slightly mad look in her eye. With […] Read more »

Impressions Wine Dinner

Pithivier of pigeon, duck liver and mushrooms, fricassee of morels, asparagus and mini carrot on Perrigeux sauce

Clem is in town for his yearly vacation and naturally we took it as an opportunity to gather the troops and have a wine dinner in his honor. Since Noel highly recommended the Pigeon Pithiviers of Chef Cyrille Soenen at Impressions, we readily agreed to have the dinner there. Good […] Read more »

Pancho and Cha-Cha: A Storybook Wedding

Pancho and Cha-Cha

Pancho Esguerra (a sought-after music video and commercial director), and Charlene “Cha-Cha” Sawit (a freelance writer, sometime stylist, soon-to-be-famous novelist, and scriptwriter of the upcoming movie Saving Sally) are two of the kindest, most brilliantly imaginative people I know, so when Pancho “dropped the potato” (our inside joke for popping […] Read more »

A Femme d’une Certaine Age

pia faded

Growing old has never really been an issue for me.  I’m not the kind of person who would keep my age a secret, or obsess over every little line or wrinkle on my face, or consider said wrinkles as signs of my inexorable trudge towards senescence.  In fact, the issue […] Read more »